Chi Cube Questions

Can other people touch my chi cube? Yes they can. Just tap it against a wooden surface to knock off any of their energies afterwards.

Do you only use one person’s DNA under a stack of Chi cubes? Yes, only use one person at a time, otherwise you come into each other’s energy fields and you can pick up each others thoughts and feelings. They key is that you want to remain sovereign in your own energy field, with your own connection to source.

Can you use the DNA of another person under a different stack of cubes? Yes, you can use as many people’s DNA as you wish as long as they have their own personal stack.

Can you treat someone with the cubes by just holding the cubes in your hands? You can certainly treat someone by holding them in their left hand, because your energy comes in through your left, across your heart meridian and down your right.

For how long? You only need to remain under a stack or hold them in your left hand or even just carry them in your bag or pocket, for 20 minutes and the energy will last 72 hours in your energy field.

How long does it last? When we were doing the Kirlean photography experiment, as soon as the pendants got near the energy field of the person their aura changed. So it essentially needs to be in your aura.