Chi Charms

Be Protected and Feel Connected with our Chi Charms!

Each of the Charms Charms can be worn on our HighChi Energy Bracelets and necklaces, or your favorite charm bracelet. Simply connect them by adding on our HighChi Connector. 

Their qualities and gifts of each are written on the back of each Chi Charm, helping you to connect with these divine beings, receiving their help and guidance.

Let yourself be lifted!

 BuddhaThe Teacher, Enlightenment, Self Realization, Spiritual guidance, Self-confidence, Self-esteem and Courage

Ganesh - Remover of Obstacles, Success, Happiness, Respect, Good Fortune and Inner Balance

Kwan YinMercy, Compassion, Forgiveness, Fertility and Unconditional Love

LakshmiBeauty, Grace, Abundance, Prosperity and Success

Hanuman - Courage in Relationship, Career or Health - Alleviator of all Sorrows, Bestower of Blessings

White TaraPhysical and Mental Well Being, Longevity, Health, Compassion, Truth and Perseverance

Saraswati - Inspiration, Creativity, Knowledge, Memory and Concentration


Celtic Cross -Crossroads, decision making, clarity, motivation and gratitude

Byzantine Cross -Crossroads Decision making, Clarity, Motivation and Gratitude

Love Magic Heart - Magic is Changing reality with your will, your love, your imagination. The more love you feel, the more deeply loved you are! Remember love is a verb. 

Archangel Raphael! He's for Miracles, Healing, and Joy 

Archangel Michael!
He's for Protection, Divine Love and Guidance