Chi Coins

Feel Protected and Let HighChi Energy Lift you to a Higher Vibration, so you can Resonate at What You want to Create!

HighChi is a Synergy of Ancient Egyptian and Quantum Technologies. HighChi is the Leader in Designer Energies, with 19 impeccable energies to choose from. All HighChi Jewelry is Hand made in the USA of recycled 925 Sterling Silver

Don’t be fooled by their precious size, as each 925 Sterling Silver Chi Coin is a potent powerhouse of pure energy. Hold the chi coins in your left hand and feel each distinct energy. The North and South Magnetic closures circulate Life Force Energy around the bracelet and further amplify the energetic properties of each Chi Coin.

Available in:

Bliss, Calm, Chi, Courage, Ground, Harmony, Healing, Intuit, Joy, Jupiter, Leader, Love, Peace, Protect, Self Love, Strength, Success and Vision.

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