Crossroads Collection


Crossroads; Decision Making, Clarity, Motivation, Gratitude, and Protection

There are times in our lives when we must make changes in order to grow and manifest what we most desire. This is a time of crossroads. It is a time of choice. We can choose to grow out of fear and anger, or we can choose to grow out of love and gratitude. Encoded with gratitude, the crossroads collection can help the wearer to evolve and choose wisely. Also imbued with the Higher Harmonic of Gold, which is said to be wonderful for attracting physical abundance, its anti aging properties, strengthening the immune system and releasing toxins from the body. The Amethyst inserted in the center will help to calm and stabilize the mind, opening intuitive and psychic abilities.

Our Crossroads Collection consists of the Celtic Cross, Byzantine Cross, HighChi Pendant,  and our Inner Peace, Empowered Choice, Intuition - BRACELET. The Crossroads collection represents Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel. No matter which way you go, backward forwards or sideways you will have those wonderful Archangels protecting you and guiding you on your way. Call upon them to receive their help and guidance. The Higher Harmonic of Gold comes through the center of each of these pendants which is the same energy or golden glow we see around Saints, Angels and Holy People. The Higher Harmonic of Gold is also the Alchemists energy and is about nurturing challenging situations into golden opportunities. It also attracts gold or wealth!