Gemstones have been treasured throughout the ages not just for their beauty, but also for their healing properties. When energized with the 12 Higher Harmonics, found in music and color, their properties are amplified exponentially.

Choose your Energized Gemstone...Choose your Focus...Choose your Healing.

  • Garnet - Grounding, Focus, Sexy Time

  • Pink Amethyst - Protection for Travelers, Strengthens the Immune System

  • Citrine - Abundance, Good Fortune, Protection in Legal Matters

  • Lemon Quartz- Happiness, Good Fortune, Optimism

  • Green Amethyst - Emotional Stability, Self Love, Healing 

  • Rose Quartz - Harmony, Attract Love, Self Love

  • Blue Topaz - Leadership, Self Confidence, Self Esteem

  • Amethyst - Intuition, Inner Guidance, Realm of the Angels

  • Clear Quartz - Master Healer, Self Esteem, Protection