Heroes Journey Charm Bracelet in 18K Gold Plated

Feel full of Courage and Confidence!


Buddha Charm
Hanuman Charm
Ganesh Charm
Lakshmi Charm
Saraswati Charm
Kwan Yin Charm
Citrine Chi Crystal
Blue Topaz Chi Crystal
Amethyst Chi Crystal
Pink Amethyst
Lemon Quartz
Clear Quartz Chi Crystal
Green Chi Crystal
Teal Chi Crystal
Medium Sailor Bracelet in 18K Gold Plated

When energized with HighChi Energy
these Healing Properties are Amplified Exponentially!

Wide Parisian Bracelet
thick 1/16" = 2mm
length 8'' = 20,3cm
width 7/32'' = 5mm
lobster clasp length 7/16’’ = 11mm
lobster clasp width 3/16’’ = 5mm

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