October Collection

October is about how every day in every way we're in relationship with everyone and everything. Create more love in your life because it's all about relationship.

  • The Energy of the month is HARMONY because we're all in relationship with someone and we want it to be harmonious.
  • The Energy Jewels of the month are:
    • ROSE QUARTZ - when you're working on relationships with others.
    • GARNET - when you're working on relationship with yourself
    • AMETHYST - when you're working on relationship with your Higher Self.
  • The Deity of the month is HANUMAN - he's about taking a big leap in your life, to make the changes, to come into harmony and love with yourself.
  • The Prayer Mala of the month is LOVE MAGIC which amplifies love of self and others as well as giving, receiving and attracting love on all levels - emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually!