Rose Gold Collection

Rose Gold  - The Most Protective of all the Golds!

Rose Quartz - Open your Heart wide with Rose Quartz and embrace Love, Harmony, Self Love, and Familial Love!
Hanuman - with his Huge Heart, for taking a big leap in your Life! A Leap of Love, a Leap of Consciousness, a Leap of Success!
Lakshmi -  Call upon her for New Business, New Homes and of course more Love in your Life!
Archangel Raphael - Miracles, Healing, and Joy
Om - The Sound of the Divine calling us to come home, home to the Goodness, Truth, and Beauty of who we truly are, who we’ve always been.
Love Magic Heart - Magic is Changing reality with your will, your love, your imagination. The more love you feel the more deeply loved you are! The Love Magic Hearts Collection represents all four of the Archangels; Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael.