Join Our Affiliate Program

HighChi Affiliate Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I join the HighChi Affiliate program?

  • Because you love our energy and jewelry and want to spread the word.
  • What compensation do I receive as an affiliate?

  • We offer 10% Commission on any sale that you drive to our site.
  • Every $100 you make in commission is equal to $200 if you want to be paid in HighChi Jewelry. You can save up to purchase the Power Piece you've always wanted!

  • What do I do?

  • Just sign up below where it says enter email and once you've entered your email click Join our Affiliate Program. You will receive an email with your affiliate code. You email that to anyone you think would resonate with HighChi. They must purchase using our web address with your affiliate code
    (ex. Your affiliate code is how we track your sales and figure out your commission.

  • How do I keep track of my sales?

  • When you sign up as an affiliate you will receive an email with your affiliate dashboard.
  • If you've made a sale and you don't see that you got credit it for it email and she will trouble shoot the issue.

  • What do I do if I want to promote a particular product on the site?

  • Click on the product that you want to promote and copy the page URL. Paste that URL into your promotional email and paste your affiliate code. (ex.

    Enter Email: