The Miracle


“As you know, I have many pieces of technology and have worked within the frequency for several years. Well, the Miracle is truly a miracle! I awoke this morning feeling refreshed, alert and ready to go. Now this might not sound like anything special,but the last few months, majority of the days, I have to force myself out of bed, so this is amazing!  I am so excited to observe what will transpire in the weeks and months to come as I work more and more in the field created by the technology!” - Deborah Stuart

The miracle has been in development for 35 years. It's the culmination of many years of research and work. Each iQube is lovingly created in Hot Springs, Arkansas. In order to preserve the integrity and the secret of the work, each tesla scalar wave coil is hand created by the inventor, Robert Lloy. These iconic tesla coils generate coherent fields of energy 24x7.  The synergistic modalities (sound, scalar, inert noble gases, etc.) are combined to maximize healing and harmony. A full one year warranty on all parts and graciously support and maintain the optimal functioning of the family of Miracle iQubes throughout the world. It is the mission to spread and share the quantum coherent energy fields that are generated throughout the planet with the Miracle iQubes in order to facilitate profound healing.

The Miracle iQube includes:
Digital Player loaded with 24/7 AM/PM soundtrack
(*Details of soundtrack below)
Plug and play, designed to run 24x7 in home or office
6 Scalar wave Coils contained in one convenient cylinder
3 custom Amplifiers designed to deliver delta frequencies for deep healing and repatterining
All 5 Inert Noble gases; (Argon, Xenon, Krypton,Neon, Helium)
Xenon Ampoule
Oxygen Ampoule
24 karat gold and silver
2 sets of LED’s at 660 nanometers
Golden Sacred Geometry for Love and Prosperity
Specially formulated flower essence formulas
12 bottles of 8 ounce concentrate Miracle Structured Water
(each bottle creates 8 gallons)


a. Miracle
b. Cleaning Environment
c. Concentrate Focus
d. Digestion and Schumann
e. DNA Wave
f. Heart Opening
g. Stimulate Glands
h. Stimulate Organs
i. Improve Vision; Stimulate Hair Growth
j. Gamma Bliss & Pineal Activation
k. Divine Blessing
l. Telomeres
m. Wellness
n. Cannabis
 a. Clearing Environment
Delta Theta Sweep
Magnesium Sulfate
Lucid Dreaming
Emotional Balance
Raise your Frequency
Ocean waves 

*Award winning Proprietary Voice Assessment Software that is interactive with the Miracle, included.
Customer provides Windows 10 tablet or laptop to run software.
Spiritual Healing Licensing and Sound Coach Certification Available through Federation of Spiritual Healers;
Sacred Scalar Licensing Board.

Please contact us at 415-234-7127 or email info@highchi for pricing and more information about this technology!