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How to Activate HighChi Jewelry with The Emotional Release Technique:

HighChi Energy Jewelry is the perfect matrix of pristine and impeccably balanced energy. We have designed this proven technique to help you release the negative emotions, attitudes, and decisions which are in the way of what you most desire. The only way out is through, so we must feel our emotions in order to release them. By doing this simple technique we have been able to show through the Heart Math Technology that your Heart rate goes coherent; you're in a no stress zone! Let go of who you're not, so you can connect to who you truly are!

HighChi Energy Tools and The Emotional Release Technique™

If we're not feeling Gratitude, chances are we're in martyr or self pity. Both are anesthetics which stop us from feeling our emotions. The red flag that we're not feeling is that we are in struggle. This Emotional Release Technique is an easy and effective method for releasing stress and unexpressed emotions. These include anger, fear, anxiety, loneliness, despair and even negative energies from others. HighChi Energy Jewelry is full of white light, which is not only very protective, but releases unexpressed emotions as energy. HighChi Energy Jewelry provides the fast track to emotional freedom. Your power is in your emotions so when expressed or felt you can take your power back from them, to create that which you most desire.

Feel and Flick Technique

1) Hold your HighChi Pendant, Harmonic Jewel, Chi Charm or Coin in your left hand between your thumb and index finger. Feel the emotion as intensely as you can, be it anger, fear, anxiety or frustration.

2) With your right hand, flick your fingers as though you are flicking water from them. Continue the "Feel and Flick" technique until the emotion has been completely released with the outward flick of the fingers.

All emotions, if expressed, are positive, it's when they are unexpressed that they become negative emotions. This is very important as you do not want to hold these negative emotions in your body, as unexpressed emotions are known to cause "dis-ease."

Congratulations, you’ve acknowledged the negative emotion and released it, so you can now transform that energy into what you want to create in your life with the 33 second technique for manifesting that which you most desire! The Most Powerful Force in the World is focused Intention.

The 33 Second Technique™

Olympic Athletes know the amazing power of creative visualization, by seeing and feeling themselves winning, using their focus and intention. Deeply feeling what you most desire is imperative to reality creation. In order to manifest something specific in your life:

1) Hold the pendant in your left hand, and ask for what you desire with focused intention, and visualize yourself having what you want, with all the love, gratitude, and excitement you can feel.

2) Hold the image and emotion for exactly 33 seconds, as this is a very powerful manifestation technique ( You can use the timer below ) Your future creates your present, so it is important to see yourself having already achieved what it is you want, as if you are looking at yourself in a photo. After 33 seconds immediately let go of your visualization.

3) Release your desire to the universe with gratitude. You will be amazed at how fast and easily you will be able to manifest your greatest desires. For best results, repeat 3 times, each day.

 Click for Stopwatch

Steps to Emotional Literacy (Tiers of Emotion)

a) Ask yourself what am I feeling? Then state your emotion and go into it. Allow yourself to feel it intensley for a short time, while holding your HighChi Power Piece in your left hand and flicking it out with your right. Energy follows thought so visualize the emotions flicking off your fingers.
b) Walk up the steps and feel each emotion intensely for as long as you can.
c) Do not skip more than one step.
d) At the top of the Emotional staircase are:


2) Happiness, Wonder
3) Passion, Compassion
4) Hope, Trust
5) Thrill, Eagerness, Enthusiasm
6) Optimism
7) Well being, Content, Satisfaction


1) Boredom, Impatience
2) Frustration, Confusion (Can be springboard to new GROWTH)
3) Worry, Doubt
4) Pity, Crisis, Overwhelm
5) Guilt, Sadness
6) Pessimism
7) Anger, Fury, Resentment


1) Fear, Anxiety, Angst - Leads to Dread
2) Hurt, Betrayal, Abandonment, Rejection, Humiliation
3) Jealousy, Envy That Plots Destruction of Your Enemy
4) Blame- This Never Works. Might as well blame self
5) Revenge, Violence
6) Loneliness & Worthlessness. Feeling Hollow
7) Hopelessness, Despair

More on using the Steps to Emotional Literacy with your HighChi Energy Jewelry:

Practice what you are feeling throughout the day, possibly even in meditation, or at night. By wearing your HighChi Jewelry, it will make you more aware of what you are feeling and help you feel and release those emotions with more ease and elegance.

Your power is in your emotions and all emotions if expressed are positive. Even love if not expressed becomes negative. Self respect is feeling and ex-pressing your emotions. Expressing your emotions is not about acting them out with others, but rather going inwards and feeling them deeply. Start by holding your pendant with your left hand, feel the emotion as deeply as you can, and flick it out with your right, like you’re flicking water off your fingers. Once you’ve identified the emotion, you can move up to one or possibly two levels. When you do this we’ve been able to show through the Heart Math Technology, that your heart rate goes coherent – you’re in a no stress zone!

For example if you’re feeling lonely, and you’ve allowed yourself to really feel the loneliness then you can move up 2 steps and you get to blame, which is so much fun! Remember to “feel and flick” the whole way up.

Blame yourself, or blame someone else. Once you’ve felt the blame then you can move to feeling your hurt, and then your fear possibly, which leads you to the transitional emotions. Start feeling your anger!!! Very important. Allow your self to go into the rage. If you can’t feel it then remember a time that made you very angry. Once you’ve felt the rage then move to pessimism, this will never work, etc. Then up to overwhelm, frustration confusion and then to boredom. Then you can get into the upper tier and feel optimistic, then hope, and trust that you have come this far and you will have emotional literacy, as that is one our human gifts. Then to compassion for the world and for yourself, up to the love. Rome wasn’t built in a day. So be gentle and patient with yourself. But like yoga to be good at it you must practice.

Then once you‘ve taken your power back from your emotions, then use that power to visualize what you do want in it’s place. You have all these wonderful futures our there, so see the ones that you want.