Atlantis HighLife

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$ 4,200.00

Design your energy with the Life Energy Amplifier (LEA) Atlantis HighLife System

The Atlantis HighLife System integrates advanced magnetics, Far InfraRed technology and sacred geometry. The HighChi negative ions and aromatherapy are ideal for the energy clearing and Feng Shui of private and public spaces.

Place the Atlantis HighLife system in the wealth, health or even romance corner of your home or office and experience an immediate shift in the energy and dramatic amplification of your intention. Positively energize creative projects, problem-solving, business meetings, meditation, and sex. This system harmonizes and balances all environments for a great natural high! Turn it on and you're in "the zone".

For more information call (415) 888-2226

Note: All Bliss Pak’s and Wands are now upgraded energetically with the 12 Higher Harmonics, so we are including only one large magnet.  There are small neodymium magnets inside each wand, which excite the noble gasses, however we have tested the wands energetically and they test better with only one large magnet. With more than one the energy is no longer balanced, because it’s too much energy.

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