Business Magic Chi Cube Set

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$ 300.00

Teamwork Magic - Getting a team working together in unison is one of the most powerful things you can do and is a huge accomplishment!  

Successful Completion Magic - Completing cycles of action is key to success! This is a very focused energy so you can complete one cycle and get onto the next. Watch your To Do list evaporate!

Inspire Workforce - Feel that inspiration within yourself so you can inspire others!

Business Success - Being there is the way to getting there. Experience the sweet smell of Success!

Success and Power - The true Alchemy of changing reality in accordance with your will. True power is the ability to act, the ability to create your own reality. Feel yourself grounded, present, and strong, palpably connected to the Divine.

Advertising Success - Feel inspired and intuitive about your direction!

If you choose to receive the Set with a Polaroid, please email or text us a digital full length photo of yourself or a loved one and we will turn that into a Polaroid to put your Chi Cube on.
You can stand in front of a full length mirror and take the photo with your phone.
email full body photo to

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