HighChi 5D Sound - Increase Sexual Ecstasy

INCREASE SEXUAL ECSTASY - Release inhibitions and raise your vibration to the highest level, to experience passion and ecstasy. This CD has been imprinted with the energetic signature of a tantric healing master during orgasm. Reconnect with your joy, passion and gratitude for being physical!

5D Sound CDs are generated from a very advanced, one of a kind, subtle energy computer. Designed in Germany to analyze and develop energy remedies or vibratory medicines, it holds in memory, the energy field of any substance. On a quantum or vibratory level, the energetic blueprint is more active than the "solid" substance. When the vitality of the energetic blueprint is fed back upon itself (energy amplified) (potentized) - the vitality level and effectiveness of the substance soars!

Type: CD

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