Dolphin Chi on Muse Link Chain with 3 Carat Rose Quartz

This is part of our Survive & Thrive Collection. We paired Dolphin Chi with Rose Quartz because Dolphins are pure LOVE and Rose Quartz is the Love Stone!

Dolphin Chi - Circle of life, communication, joy and freedom.

Dolphins have long played an important role in human culture due to their intelligence, eagerness to communicate and their essence of pure joy. They represent the binding together of incompatible worlds. Dolphins also incarnate a powerful myth of femininity and are greatly associated with dolphin rider, Aphrodite, who was a Dolphin Goddess. In Greek mythology, Dolphins were considered with welcome since they symbolized a good omen for a smooth voyage. Embodying values such as caring, nurturing, communicating and highly evolved intelligence. Dolphins are an incredibly generous and joyful species. That is why HighChi decided to give away 10% of all profits generated by the Dolphin Chi pendant to, who are committed to saving dolphins and Whales and protecting our oceans. Together we can make a difference. Lets preserve the circle of life.

Rose Quartz - Heart chakra: The Love Stone, Harmony in Relationships, Appreciation.

Love is our greatest need, Happiness our greatest desire.

Wear Rose Quartz and feel your heart soften and negativity being gently removed. Open to all forms of love: self-love, family love, spiritual love and romantic love. The Rose Quartz gemstone represents unconditional love. Rose Quartz is also known to be very healing for emotional trauma, internal wounds, sorrows and animosity. It encourages pardon, gratitude and gentleness. The most important crystal for attracting love and friendship

Rose Quartz produces wonderful powerful loving energy, and when energized with HighChi, the properties of the Rose Quartz are amplified further. Have the courage to love deeply, and remember that loving someone is a great gift. Depth of emotion is one of our great and true human gifts. Remember: The more you can feel the depth of sadness, the more you can feel the heights of joy!

Category: Dolphin Chi, Rose Quartz

Type: Necklaces

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