Dream Team Charm Bracelet

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It’s a Heroes Journey and we are all Heroes!

With our new Mini Connector, you can now collect your charms to create your personal Heroes Journey!

Dream Team Charm Bracelet for Manifesting Your Dreams and Visions!!

Call upon Saraswati for her Genius, Vision, and Brilliance to help you create this next chapter in your life. In the Greek tradition, she is Mnemosyne, the Goddess of not only Memory, but for remembering the magnificence of who you truly are, and of who you have always been. How could you be anything else as we are a part of the Divine? You simply need to remember.   

Next call upon Ganesh to help you remove the obstacles in the way of what you truly desire.  Ganesh brings Happiness Fun and Success in all Endeavors. He is essential for starting all new projects as he brings good fortune, and is the lord of material wealth.

And finally Lakshmi for having it all! Lakshmi is the embodiment of Beauty, grace, abundance, and charm. She brings prosperity and success and is known as the Mother of the Universe, the female energy of the Supreme Being. Call upon her for Love, new homes, new business and shining your unique and beautiful light!

"The Universe is here to give us everything we want. In return, we are here to Shine!" - Deborah Stuart, Founder HighChi Energy Jewelry

Sailor Link Bracelet with 3 Chi Charms and 4 Chi Crystals attached with mini connectors on an 8" Sterling Silver 925 bracelets. STUNNING!

Amethyst - Stress, Addictions, Compulsions, Intuition, Inner Guidance, Realm of the Angels

Blue Topaz - Leadership, Communication, Integrity

Citrine - Personal Power, Prosperity, Success

Pink Amethyst - Protection for Travelers and Strengthens the Immune System

Lakshmi - for Love, Beauty, Prosperity, and Success in matters of the Heart and Home. 

Ganesh - Known as the Remover of Obstacles- Ganesh brings Happiness Fun and Success in all Endeavors. He is essential for starting all new projects as he brings good fortune.

Saraswati - Genius Vision Brilliance. She invented Language. Saraswati is The Muse Goddess, hence she may be called upon for all creative projects. Wonderful for students. 

In the Hindu tradition, they love each other, so when you call upon them for help to manifest your goals and dreams they are there in a nanosecond! Ask and you will receive!

Fine Sailor Bracelet
thick 1/8" = 3mm
length 8'' = 20,3cm
width 7/32'' = 5mm
lobster clasp length 7/16’’ = 11mm
lobster clasp width 3/16’’ = 5mm

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