Dream Team Power Piece on 18" Anchor Link with Gemstone Choice 18K Gold Plated

Dream Team Power Piece for Manifesting Your Dreams and Visions!!

Choice of 3ct Gemstone - Amethyst, Blue Topaz or Citrine 

Amethyst - Stress, Addictions, Compulsions, Intuition, Inner Guidance, Realm of the Angels

Blue Topaz - Leadership, Communication, Integrity

Citrine - Personal Power, Prosperity, Success

Lakshmi Pendant with, Ganesh, and Saraswati Chi Charm with a 3 ct Gemstone with a Chi Connector on an Anchor Link 18 inch Chain 18K Gold Plated.

Lakshmi - for Love, Beauty, Prosperity, and Success in matters of the Heart and Home. 

Ganesh - Known as the Remover of Obstacles- Ganesh brings Happiness Fun and Success in all Endeavors. He is essential for starting all new projects as he brings good fortune.

Saraswati - Genius Vision Brilliance. She invented Language. Saraswati is The Muse Goddess, hence she may be called upon for all creative projects. Wonderful for students. 

In the Hindu tradition they love each other, so when you call upon them for help to manifest your goals and dreams they are there in a nanosecond! Ask and you will receive!

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