Energized Pearl Earrings with Chi Crystals

Our beautiful energized set of pearls with your choice of Chi Crystals.

Since Ancient times Pearls have been the symbols of purity, harmony, humility, protection, love and good Fortune. Historically they were a representation of the great goddesses and the anthropomorphic image for this sacred power is the goddess of love. Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of Love, was born from an exquisite marine conch. Wear HighChi Energy Pearls and reawaken the goddess within you, as the Pearls Sacred powers are energetically and exquisitely amplified! To further enhance their divine energetic properties, choose a set of your favorite energy jewels to wear with them, and let yourself be lifted!

Pearl earrings are a timeless gift. Paired with Harmonic Energy Jewels to make every woman on your list beautiful. 

Energy Pearls 
posts length 7/16"=11mm 
pearl dia. 1/4"=6mm

Collections: Earrings

Type: Unknown Type

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