Energy Upgrade of Personal Items

Please email a photo of what you want energized on a white background. Please look through our list of energy upgrades and in the memo section at checkout and in your email let us know what energy you would like. You can also call the office at (415) 324-7127

Why at HIghChi Energy we will only energize objects and not sentient beings. On principle we will not energize people, or animals and if anyone offers to do that for you, just say no. The reason being is that if a person or say animal gets energized and the energy is not good for that individual, then they don’t have a choice to take it off. 

Almost all man made energies are not good for you, because Energy Medicine is such a new field, and companies and individuals  do not know how to test. We have tested many pieces of so called “energy jewelry" and almost all contain detrimental energies. There are a handful of companies who have done the real work that it takes to create beneficial energy. 

At HighChi Energy all of our energies are tested, and beautifully balanced so we could energize people. However because we are a leader in energy medicine, we choose to set a precedent or standard, as to what is right and ethical in our field, so you are always protected. 

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