Expand Your Love Chi Cube Set

Expand Your Love Chi Cube Set

Self Worth – Is how we value ourselves. Each of us is a unique expression of the Divine, of God-Goddess the All That Is.  We are here to have it all, because life is a gift, and we just need to receive it. So how can we have anything but full self-worth?The Universe owes us a Living. What we owe the Universe is to shine!

Self Love - If All we did was Love ourselves we would have everything we want. Feel the Resonance of Self Love. Remember Love is a verb. When you use this Chi Cube and resonate at Self Love, ask yourself, what would someone who truly loved herself /himself do?

Gratitude – This is one of the most powerful generating energies. The more we feel Gratitude the more we have to be grateful for! Whenever you’re not in present time, take a deep breath and start being grateful for all the beautiful people and things and experiences in your life, and you will create even more.

Courage – This is a great one right now as there is so much fear on the planet. Release the Fear, and take your power back from it and use that power to create what it is you do want in its place. Feel the courage to create the life of your Dreams. Just started doing it. That's all anything takes. Magic follows.

Strength and Power – It’s just so freeing to feel strong and powerful, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. To have the strength to carry through with our convictions, and truly love ourselves, by doing what we were born to do. This is one of the energies that John created with a Japanese Scientist. It’s truly quite remarkable. A must have.

Universal Chi – This is a marvelous energy that was actually given to us during one of our research experiments. One of the ways that we clean an energy is to shoot energy through a tensor field, which is a kind of portal,  and the energy is carried on light. When it comes back to us it is pristine.

In June 2010, a whole new energy came back. We did many tests on it, it measured out to be filled with white light,  which pulls out whatever is not of the light, and transforms it into a Qi Gong Master energy - the sexual, spiritual healing energy that Qi Gong masters are able to generate from their hands. As John and I agreed, what more do we need right now, than to pull our toxins, emotionally mentally, physically and etherically, and let go of who we are not?

If you choose to receive the Set with a Polaroid, please email or text us a digital full length photo of yourself or a loved one and we will turn that into a Polaroid to put your Chi Cube on.
You can stand in front of a full length mirror and take the photo with your phone.
email full body photo to info@highchi.com

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