The 12 Chakra Necklace - Balance, Protection & Clear Perception

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$ 999.00

This Powerful and Exquisite 12 Chakra Necklace with our whole selection of 3 Carat Gemstones on a 40" Muse Link Necklace can be very helpful  for Balancing the Chakras and keeping them aligned and clear so we can resonate at a very High frequency and attract to us that which we most desire. All HighChi Power Pieces are energies with the 12 Higher Harmonics which include all the Higher Harmonics of the Chakras. The Chakras are our etheric measuring devices, so they affect how we perceive our reality.

The more balanced and cleaner our chakras, the more beautiful realities we are able to perceive. Similarly when we are resonating at a low resonant frequency we attract less desirable realities,  we cannot perceive the beautiful ones that we truly desire, and are our birthright. 

Form follows function. The function is the energy, and when that is beautifully balanced and clean, the form which in this case is the 12 Chakra Necklace has to follow. It is a law of the universe. 

What I love about this necklace is that it can be worn with all of your other HighChi Power Pieces either as a single or doubled necklace, or even as a bracelet. The Pendants are Foundational, the Magic is in the Gemstones. Lift your resonance to an even Higher Level, so you can attract the beautiful realities you have been dreaming of, and now in this amazing year of magical manifestation, can become a reality!  - Deborah 

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