Harmony Chi Cube Set

This set is about creating Harmony in your life.

        • Harmony - In relationship to all things, yourself, money, loved ones, colleagues etc.
        • Courage - A cube for Now. Release meaningless fears, remove the power that attempts to blind and bind. Reclaim your power and release it in the face of fear to create what it is you truly want.
        • Smile of Inner Joy - An enchanting energy that makes you smile from the inside out!
        • Love for all - For creating love of all things because were all connected, all part of the divine plan, we're not alone and everything is going to be alright!
        • Higher Consciousness - Solidify your relationship with your inner and higher self to receive important guidance.
        • Self Love - The most important thing we can do is love ourselves, because only then can we truly love others. Feel loved and loving like you are in the arms of the Divine Mother herself.

If you choose to receive the Set with a Polaroid, please email or text us a digital full length photo of yourself or a loved one and we will turn that into a Polaroid to put your Chi Cube on.
You can stand in front of a full length mirror and take the photo with your phone.
email full body photo to info@highchi.com

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