Healing 2 Chi Cube Set

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The Healing 2 Formula has the following Chi Cubes:

Please take a digital full body photo of yourself and email to info@highchi.com
You can stand in front of a full length mirror and take the photo with your phone.

One of our clients is using this series for Autistic Children and having wonderful results!

Healing - Very relaxing and just a beautiful energy field. Extremely calming. Highly recommended. This one was sent to us by a Japanese Scientist, who has worked with Dr. Masuro Emoto. Researchers from all over the world send us their energies, to test and balance. It is now being used in healing chambers in Japan, and people are having miraculous results.

AcupointsThis is a great one! John spent many months creating an energetic map of the accupoint meridians for body, so the energy flows to your accupoints and meridians, which is key to anti aging. Driven by our new Chi energy so it’s quite zippy. 

Grounding - If you buy no other cube, this is the one! The body loves being grounded, as it's so important for healing. Very good for healing the body, as we say, if you're not in your body, who is?

Immune System - When used with other forms of immune support, such as sleep, you feel supported and vital.

Stem Cells - The Benefits of Stem Cell Science to your Health – The National Institute of Health have discovered that there are 74 treatable diseases using adult stem cells in therapy. When stem cell nutrition is used as a daily supplement over time, the stimulation of billions of additional stem cells in the blood stream could be one of the safest and most efficient methods for maintaining optimal health that science has yet discovered. Note: If you have medical condition, please see your healthcare practitioner. The Chi Cubes are in no way intended to treat or cure any disease. They are prayers, and biofeedback devices. Any relief of symptoms that may occur are a result of the power of prayer.

12 Higher Harmonics - HighChi’s Foundational energy on all pieces. The energy on all of our HIghChi Power pieces is the 12 HIgher Harmonics, which are found in music and colour, and we have them energetically. The 12 Higher Harmonics are an uplifting, vitalizing, and protective energy. In fact this same energy was used by a great mentor of mine, Dr. Ibrahim Karim, in Hemberg Switzerland. Swiss Telecom called in Dr. Karim, as people in the town were getting ill from cell phone radiation. Using the same energy that is on HighChi Energy Jewelry, he was able to transform the radiation into these beautiful Higher Harmonics, and everyone got well again.

When I heard about Dr. Karims work, I was like a dog on a bone, because it is all about transformation. Radiation is almost everywhere now, and rather than making war on it, or blocking it, transforming it is the only sensible solution.

The Ancient Egyptians believed these same energies not only create “Gateways to the Divine” and protect from negative energies from others, even negative entities.

Studies also show that the 12 Higher Harmonics take you into that lovely alpha theta, the happiness brain wave frequency, and gets the energy or chi flowing in the body, which is key to keeping youthful.


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