Leadership Mala Chi Cube Trio - Power & Success - Wealth & Fame - Success & Honor

To further amplify the qualities of the Leadership Mala and to Resonate at What you want to create,
choose these Chi Cubes as an amazing trio! Power and Success ~ Wealth and Fame ~ Success & Honor

How the ChiCubes work Synergistically with your HighChi Energy Jewelry

It's all about the Law of Attraction and when you Resonate highly at Power and Success ~ Wealth and Fame ~ Success & Honor you cannot help but attract them to you. Hold the Leadership Mala and the Chi Cubes in your left hand and relax and let their Healing energies flow through your whole body. Then take a small sample of your DNA - hair follicles work best, and put it under your Chi Cube Trio. The Energies jumps hyperspace and comes right into your energy field so your are resonating at these Energies. The Chi Cube Energy communicates with the 12 Higher Harmonics and Life Force energies in the Leadership Mala so you are setting up an even Higher Resonant Frequency so you can Let Yourself be Lifted in a beautiful cocoon of Divine Energy!

In our most recent Energy Upgrade we are now working Ancient Egyptian Sacred Geometric Prayers which vibrate very Highly to the Higher Harmonic of Gold - Realm of the Angels. The Higher Harmonic of Gold is the same energy that is present when we pray, so when you wear HighChi Energy Jewelry and/or use our Chi Cubes you are in a Prayer of Divine Energy. How cool is that? Be specific in asking for what you want, and as you know Ask and You Will Receive!

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