Leadership Mala* - Turquoise and Lapis Lazuli

Leadership Mala – Step into a more powerful role and be seen with the HighChi Leadership Mala!

This is HighChi's Leadership Mala made from Turquoise, Pearls, Lapis Lazuli and Rudraksha Beads. You can add the Large Silver Connector with our HighChi Pendant, Flower of Life and 6 carat Blue Topaz.

*HighChi Energy vibrates very highly to the Higher Harmonic of gold, the same energy we create when we pray. It is the golden glow emanated by Saints, Angels and Holy people. The Higher Harmonic of Gold is the Alchemists Energy. It is about turning challenging situations into healing opportunities.

Lapis – Intensifies Memory, Communication Leadership, Harmony

Turquoise – Strengthens Personal Power, Luck, Protection, Immortality 

Rudraksha Beads – Develops Protection, Spiritual Connection

Pearls – Augments Beauty, Calm, Transformation

To further amplify the qualities of this Mala and to Resonate at What you want to create, choose these Chi Cubes as an amazing trio! Power and Success ~ Wealth and Fame ~ Success & Honor 

How to wear your HighChi Mala

How to use your Prayer Mala

Significance of 108 Beads


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