Legal Magic 1 Chi Cube Set

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Legal Success

Success and Power - This is part of the Keys of Solomon Magic series, which is a very powerful series. It’s a very grounding energy, and you feel very much in your body, which is key to focus and creating success. Power is the ability to act, and this is a great energy for getting out there and going for what you want.

Attract Good Lawyer - Key to winning your case! Resonate at what you want to create and attract to you that great Lawyer!

Charisma/Self Confidence - When we are self confident, we are in the zone or in the flow. Life Happens Magically, Self-confidence is part of Self Worth, and part of the Valued self. When we have self-confidence with Charisma we are most compelling.

Gain Important Evidence

Avoid Lawsuit 

Category: Chi Cube, Legal Magic

Type: Chi Cubes

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