Memory, Creativity and Inspiration

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$ 799.00
Sterling Silver 925
18K Gold Plated

Accelerate "Higher" Learning 

In the Eastern tradition, Saraswati is the Goddess of Creativity. She invented language. In the Greek tradition she known as Mnemosyne the Goddess of memory, helping us to remember the magnificence of who we truly are, who we have always been. Mnemosyne is also the mother of all 9 muses. 

Worn on the 18" Fine Anchor Link with the 3 carats Peridot, this combination is ideal for opening and healing the heart chakra which is known to possess more intelligence than the brain.

This Power Piece also includes the 3 carats Pink Amethyst for strengthening the immune system and overall protection.

Energized with "Easy Learning" this piece is designed for students of all ages.

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