OxyVital™ Sensual Elixir

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OxyVital™ Sensual Elixir Our "Happy Vagina" Personal Lubricant!

Choose to use only the purest ingredients, infused with concentrated oxygen and therapeutic grade, organic Jasmine and Neurolli essential oils and Vital Life Energy on your soft tissue areas. The finest personal lubricant available, OxyVital™ immediately hydrates and soothes all vaginal and rectal soft tissues areas and feels and smells divine! 

Unexcelled in its healing properties, OxyVital™ acts like a hypobaric oxygen chamber providing essential oxygen and hydration for for maintaining a youthful and lubricated vagina.

OxyVital™ provides immediate relief and rejuvenation if your vagina is sore or chaffed from love-making, and is "the best" if your vagina is dry after bathing in hot water or for pre and post-menopausal women. OxyVital™ also provides immediate relief when applied on hemorrhoids, and as one client said, "If you have hemorrhoids, then you’re not using OxyVital™"! For lubrication and sensuality that lasts, OxyVital™ Elixir is unsurpassed.

Directions: For immediate relief, apply liberally on irritated, dry or sore vaginal and rectal tissues.

Ingredients: Organic Olive Oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Activated Oxygen, Jasmine Sambuc and Neurolli Organic Essential Oils and Formula 5 Anti-Aging Life Energy Amplification

1-3 month supply: 1 oz. $39 suggested retail price

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