Rose Gold Sacred Geometry

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$ 340.00

3/4" HighChi and Flower of Life Pendants with 3 Carat Rose Quartz and Garnet on a small connector. 

The HighChi Pendant is our Sacred Geometry signature piece based on Ancient Egyptian symbols. The Higher Harmonic of Gold flows down the channel into the body significantly amplifying the energy of whatever it is worn with. The Higher Harmonic transforms challenging situations into golden opportunities and attracts gold, prosperity and health to the wearer. This Power Piece is designed so that the gemstone fits into the channel amplifying its healing properties.

The Flower of Life Pendant is an exquisite sacred geometric design and a universal template from which all life springs. It is considered sacred amongst many cultures around the world both ancient and modern, as it is known to strengthen intuition and one's connection to the Divine. Energized with HighChi energy its innate properties are amplified even further, creating a wonderful sense of belonging, and well-being. The HighChi Flower of Life also protects from negative EMF's from cell phones, and other electrical appliances, including negative energies from others.

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