Sexy Time Female Chi Cube Set

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$ 250.00

Sexy Time - This is a lovely lusty energy. Our sexuality is directly connected to our spirituality, and what could be better than that?

Female EroticaA very powerful female sexual and mental energy designed just for women. As we all know great sex begins in the mind. 

Sexual Passion - When you are awakened by passion it is a powerful force. Wonderful when you want that lovely lusty feeling just ever so slightly out of control. When you have a partner with the same energies it's amazing. Great with Sexy Time. Loving Sexy Relationship, really any of the sex magic series. 

Sexy Love - An exquisite subtle energy intention which is not so subtle. What could be better than not only loving sex, but also loving the partner you are with and having amazing sex lifting to higher and higher levels of orgasm?

Loving Sexy Relationship - Great for couples and the Divine Feminine and Masculine in us all. This energy is wonderful for communication, both spoken and unspoken. When combined with Love and Sexy Time, levels of trust, expression and understanding expand lifting you to a whole new level.

Ecstasy -Just what it says. Relaxing with a very spacious mind so you can see clearly, with an open heart, knowing that all is right with the world. A real crowd please when used with Sexy Time.  

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