The Healing Team Necklace

White Tara Pendant -
Physical and Mental Well-Being, Longevity, Compassion,Truth and Perseverance.
Celebrated as the "Divine Mother,” and the "Goddess of Health and Longevity," White Tara heals dis-ease and solves problems at their source. Whether physical, mental, or emotional, wear her and feel yourself enveloped in Love, Compassion and Tenderness. White Tara is a beautiful guiding star that will bring you back to full integration and wholeness. Follow her lead and acquire patience and perseverance allowing you to triumph in every situation, both long-term and immediate. Ask and you will receive.

 White Tara
thick. 1/8"=3mm
bale 1/4"=6mm
height 1"=25mm
width 7/8"=22mm

Saraswati Pendant
Inspiration, creativity, knowledge, memory and concentration.
The Goddess Saraswati represents the power of knowledge and communication. Also know as one of the sacred rivers of Hindu mythology her name literally means "the one who flows. She began to lose her status as a river goddess and became ever more associated with literature, since she revealed language and writing to mankind. She symbolizes the power of spirituality and meditation, the perfection of all arts and sciences. Saraswati is the Goddess of inspiration, consciousness and creativity. She helps to improve memory power and concentration via her purifying and enriching energy.

thick. 1/16"=2mm
bale 1/4"=6mm
height 1"=25mm
width 3/4"=19mm

Lakshmi Chi Charm 
Beauty, grace, abundance, prosperity and success.
Lakshmi is known as the Mother of the Universe, the female energy of the Supreme Being. Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth and prosperity, both material and spiritual, the embodiment of beauty, grace and charm. She represents perfection or a state of refinement that surpasses the material world. Her close association with the lotus represents spiritual perfection and splendor. Lakshmi incarnates the power of abundance and good fortune, and is called upon by those who seek success.

3ct Pink Amethyst -
Focus, Security, Immune System Enhancer
Pink Amethyst enhances Love, Self Love and Harmony. Many healers consider it useful for the relief of insomnia, headaches and immune system deficiencies as well as general healing purposes. The stone is known to be helpful when dealing with legal problems and money issues hence, Amethyst is excellent for abundance and prosperity. The pink Amethyst is often used as a protection for travelers. Related to 1st chakra.


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