Venus ChiCube: Love, Beauty, Protection.

2. Venus ChiCube: Create a Beautiful life filled with Love! Venus is the embodiment of Love and Beauty, two of the most Divine and important energies to wrap yourself in; especially right now.

Beauty is the antidote to violence and will become increasingly important and valued, as we move into the decade. Venus helps you to Live the Life you Love, and you can never have too much Love in your Life! Together they create an energetic synergy where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.   When working with Love and Beauty remember to bubble yourself in those energies and you will attract even more Love and more Beauty* into your life. 

**All beautiful creation springs from gratitude. Beauty is a gift from the Divine, whose only purpose is to enrich our lives so we may flourish. Create beauty, search for it, and be beautiful!

Deborah Stuart, Founder, HighChi Energy

Instructions: Place your ChiCube in your hand, pocket, bag, so it is in your energy field. Or, on top of your Polaroid* Photo,  or your DNA such as a hair follicle. Both the  Polaroid and your DNA are holographs of you so the energy jumps hyperspace and comes right into your energy field, so you are resonating at what you want to create;  feeling protected, uplifted and focused. 

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