Vibrant Health Chi Cube

We have just upgraded HighChi Cubes to a whole new level of Protection!

Vibrant Health - Very relaxing and sensually stimulating at the same time.  This energy was originally sent to us by a Japanese Scientist, who has worked with Dr. Masuro Emoto, the Author of Hidden Messages in Water.  Researchers from all over the world send us their energies to test and balance. This same energy is now being used in healing chambers in Japan, and people are having miraculous results.

We are driving Vibrant Health with a Frequency which contains Life Force Healing energy; a direct carrying wave to the Divine, Higher Harmonic of Ultraviolet, Realm of the Angels; and Connection with your Intuition and Higher Self, and Higher Harmonic of Gold; the same golden glow you see around Saints, Angels, and Holy People. When Saints are exhumed, they don't decompose as we do; they are filled with the Higher Harmonic of Gold. The Higher Harmonic of Gold is also the alchemist energy. It's about turning challenging situations into golden opportunities, and it attracts gold! 

Instructions: Place your ChiCube in your hand, pocket, bag, so it is in your energy field. Or, on top of your Polaroid* Photo,  or your DNA such as a hair follicle. Both the  Polaroid and your DNA are holographs of you so the energy jumps hyperspace and comes right into your energy field, so you are resonating at what you want to create;  feeling protected, uplifted and focused. 

*Note: Digital photographs will not transfer the energy. It must be a  Polaroid. 



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