Our beautifully crafted jewelry is a vehicle for energy that is designed to protect, uplift, and rejuvenate its wearer. These pieces have been scientifically proven to encourage the flow of Chi, while protecting against the constant daily bombardment of EMF's, (Electro-Magnetic Fields) present in everything from cell phones to laptops.

For over two decades, HighChi has been a leader in subtle energy science. Inspired by Ancient Sacred Geometry, Quantum Physics, and backed by years of solid scientific research and development. HighChi Power Pieces are infused with energetic intentions, encouraging the flow of Life Force, protecting and grounding the wearer, so you’re in the Zone and connected to Source Energy. 

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Great lesson!

January 15, 2016

This is Shannon blogging this morning. I wanted to tell everyone about an interaction I had with a customer over email. TS emailed me about getting an energy upgrade on some of her HighChi jewelry.  I suggested to upgrade the Prayer Mala. TS got back to me to say, "I'm not ready yet to upgrade the mala, I love it so much as it right now.  :)" My reply: "Thank you for teaching me something this morning! Your right the energy on the mala is already perfect! Sometimes it’s better to be right where you are rather than moving on! Her response: "You guys teach me stuff all the time, happy to return the blessing   ;)" 2016 is the year of Co-Creating and... Continue Reading →