HighChi is a Quantum Energy Technology Company. Since 1995 we have been passionate leaders in Subtle Energy Science.
Our commitment is to create the most beautifully transformational and balanced energy possible, designed to work as a
subtle armor against the harmful effects of radiation and other negative energies. 

Our jewelry collection is interactive, and is
designed to protect the wearer, and release stress, on the
emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels. HighChi jewelry is designed to be worn by all sexes.

HighChi Energy lifts your resonance. When your resonance is high, you're in the zone. Ultimately, HighChi Energy Jewelry
was created to help you come home.
 Home to who you truly are, to who you have always been.

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The Dreamcatcher

November 10, 2014

  We live in mad times. The WHO predicts depression will soon rank second in the global disease burden, suicide rates are rising, and the trauma caused by war, conflict or domestic abuse is everywhere. The toll is horrific: mental illness costs Britain alone £32 billion a year. And people looking for therapy face a confusing tower of psychobabble, with 400-plus often warring schools of thought. Enter JOE GRIFFIN, who says there is a way to lift depression in a day, and told BARBARA KISER he can prove it. How can you deal with serious depression in just a day? The important thing is to know how depression is manufactured in the brain. Once you understand that, you can correct the maladaptive cycle incredibly fast.... Continue Reading →