The Chi Connector*

The Chi Connector enables you to create your own HighChi Power Piece by stacking your choice of pendants, charms, and gemstones.  It's a great way to change out your gemstones or pendants depending on what you want to achieve that day.  Always make sure to check that it fits snugly so you don't lose your Pendant, gemstones or charms! Small Connector is 1cm x 1cm, Large Connector is 1.4cm x 1.4cm

*In the Notes section of your order, please specify if you would like your chi connector on an item or included separately.





"The HighChi Connector is an energy device in and of itself. The reason I designed it as a circle is because the Higher Harmonic of gold comes through the centre which is the same energy we see around Saints Angels and Holy people. It is also the Alchemists energy and very helpful in turning challenging situations into golden opportunities. It also attracts gold or money. The Higher Harmonic of Gold is one of the main energies that all High Chi Power Pieces are energized with so the energized HighChi Connector works synergistically with the rest of the collection where the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts. What I love about the the HighCh Connector: It 's specifically designed to allow you to keep on adding onto your HighChi Collection, and so everyone creates a Power Piece that is totally unique. It's so creative and so much fun, as the more HighChi you wear the more uplifted, protected and grounded you feel."



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