Pet Charms

Pet Charms are Sterling Silver and come with a jump ring to fit on your pet's collar. Animals respond even better than humans to the benefits of HighChi energy as they are much more sensitive than we are on many levels. When they wear HighChi Pet Charms, they're in a cocoon of protective and loving energy. One of the main energies on the Pet Charms is the Higher Harmonic of Gold which is the same energy we see around angels, so they feel loved and protected.

Choose the right Chi Coins for your pet. You can add on as many as you wish and change them out depending on their mood. The sterling silver connector can be put on the collar so that the chi Coins can be changed out with ease.


Protect - Our pets are so vulnerable to all the toxins in the environment.
Bliss - For pets in pain this is a very helpful and blissful energy.
Love - For pets who feel a bit insecure, and even fro those that have so much love, and want more! A great gift just because you love them!
Joy - Great for pets who are a bit cranky, and older pets.
Strength - Wonderful for older pets, when they need more get up and go!
Courage -This is wonderful when pets are fearful or suffer separation anxiety.
Chi - This is pure Life Force and wonderful for vitality for your pets.
Peace -  For rambunctious pets, puppies, and for pets that need to be quiet to heal.
Calm - This is very soothing when pets are nervous or anxious.
Healing - A beautiful energy to help your pet to recover more quickly and easily.

Pet Charms FAQ

What our Customers are saying.
"I love the highchi jewelry – totally awesome!!!!   I have three charms on my dog – his birthday is tomorrow – 1 year old."