Pet Charms

Animals respond very well to the benefits of HighChi Energy as they are much more sensitive than we are on many levels. All pendants can be worn with our Connector or special jump ring and easily fit on your pet's collar. Envelop your animals in a cocoon of protective and loving energy with our Chi Coins and Chi Charms so they can have long, happy and healthy lives.

Chi Coins make for a comfortable option for your companions:

Protect - For immunity towards bacterias and toxins.

Bliss - For a more cheerful pet, a very blissful energy.

Love - For pets who feel a bit insecure or for those insatiable cuddlers.

Joy - For pets who are a bit cranky, especially older pets.

Strength - For aging pets, when they need more vitality.

Courage - For fearful pets are who suffered separation anxiety.

Chi - For more energy, this is pure Life Force.

Peace -  For rambunctious pets, puppies that need more peacefulness.

Calm - For soothing energy when pets are nervous or anxious.

Healing - For your pet's optimal recovery.