Ever since Einstein published his Theory of Relativity, the scientific world has joined the spiritual belief that we are all energy, that everything in the universe is energy. Further, we are coming to understand that our intentions, thoughts and feelings affect this essential energy as it manifests through out our body, emotions, mind and spirit.
While the discovery of the theory of relativity may have been one of the most important piece of science to date, it also confirms that today’s world is filled to the brim with bouncing electronic frequencies and radio waves capable of robbing us of this essential energy and vital life force. The frequencies emanating from the simple devices in our homes and offices are responsible for blocking the natural interface of this energy with the body and our physical and emotional well being.
Throughout the ages, mankind believed in the healing properties assigned to holy places, such as Lourdes, or power spots like the great pyramids, where a high concentration of healing energy is believed to exist. People have, even to this day traveled far, journeying on perilous pilgrimages to benefit from such experiences. However, access and knowledge was often limited to the few and those in power.
At different times in different traditions, attempts have been made to harness this life force energy. Using a synergy of ancient Egyptian and cutting edge technologies HighChi has now made this energy available to you.
HighChi Energy™ is an energy formula that allows you to achieve deeper states of meditation, consciousness and abundance. Also recognized for its great anti-aging properties, HighChi energy is a fusion of the 12 Higher Harmonics. To begin with, the seven higher harmonics of the chakras or energy centers in the body. Followed by the higher harmonics of gold, representing physical abundance and the same golden glow you see around saints. The energy formula also includes the higher harmonic of ultraviolet that provides spiritual abundance and horizontal negative green, which is the same life force energy around trees and plants. We then added white light that actually releases negative energies from the body, and so you can change reality in accordance with your will, your love and your imagination. Finally is Scalar, a no frequency informational carrying wave which opens the doors to higher consciousness.

How it works

Digitize: We take a special digital photograph of the design, in order to obtain a numeric sequence or ASKE code.
Computerize: We then feed this digital code into our computers, which contain the energy formulations. At this point each design becomes a transceiver in that it both sends and receives the energy.
Energize: Using scalar waves, or a no frequency informational carrying wave, our computer directly sends the energy to the digital code of the design. Whatever is of the same digital sequence or ASKE code automatically receives the energy no matter where, via the scalar waves.
This is a fundamental explanation that helps to clarify the proprietary technology. Please recognize that we are working on the Quantum field and that we are continually upgrading our technology and therefore our energy.

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