How to activate and use your HighChi Energy Jewelry as an Energy Tool:

One of our great human gifts is our ability to feel.  All emotions if expressed are positive. Any time you are feeling anxiety, fear, anger, etc., simply hold the pendant or Energy Jewel with your left hand and feel the emotion. Now flick it out with your right hand like you are flicking water off your fingers. When you do this, we’ve been able to show through the Heart Math TM Technology that your heart rate goes coherent, you are in a no stress zone, and are connected to Source Energy.  Once you have taken your power back from these constricting emotions, simply by feeling them, ask for what you want in its place.

A great way to ask is to do the 33 Second Manifestation Technique below. 

33 Second Manifestation Technique

See and feel yourself having what you want with all the joy, love and gratitude, and hold that for exactly 33 seconds. (I have my timer set to 33 seconds on my phone.) Then let it go and release it to the Universe knowing it is already done. Essentially you have connected with your future self who is already in this reality.  Your future creates your present and using the Law of Attraction, you cannot help but draw that future to you. 

The road to being there is the road to getting there, so continue to feel yourself already having what you want throughout the day. It feels wonderful!

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