Chi Chains

How to wear HighChi

Take your energy to the next level with our collection of classic Chi Chains.  Beautifully crafted Italian chains in 925 Sterling Silver, as well as Sterling Silver with 18k gold plating in both necklaces and bracelets. Connect your favorite HighChi Energy pendants for an all time energy high!

Regular chains absorb negative energies which can feel very uncomfortable. Energized with Harmonic Resonance Technology, Chi Chains act like little "self cleaning ovens" so they always feel pristine. They activate a calming and peaceful energy in the body, while helping   protect from stress, and the effects of other negative energies and frequencies.

All of our chains are now energized with Pure Life Force.

HighChi Life Force Energy is pure and it is powerful! HighChi Life Force has a Life Force count of 5000, which feels very joyful and uplifting.

When we're nourished with pure life force, we have the energy to do whatever makes up happy. Life force is essential to living the life you were born to live.  When your life force is high, so is your resonance and your vitality, so you can be in the zone and in the flow, and connected to Source.

Add HighChi Chains Energized with LIFE FORCE to your current collection,  and you can increase your resonance  and your vitality. This will allow you to receive even more energy so your current HighChi Pieces, energized with the 12 Higher Harmonics can become more protective, and take you even higher!