I was immediately drawn to the beauty and energy of the jewelry.

My first introduction to High Chi was at a Sound Healing Conference in Oakland, Ca. The moment I walked by the booth I was immediately drawn to the beauty and energy of the jewelry. Every time that I walked by the booth or stood by it, I noticed that my energy would rise, and I just felt better. Needless to say, I bought a few pieces and was delighted to take them home with me. Since then, I have purchased several other items and have noticed an improvement in my general well- being and outlook on life. There is always a significant and positive shift in my energy and vibrational fields when I use any of the High Chi products.

Deborah Stuart, the founder of High Chi, has at all times been extremely helpful, answering all of my questions and offering suggestions when asked. Moreover, she has recently made a generous donation to my students to help with their grounding and education. I work as a vocal music teacher in one of the lowest socioeconomic areas in Concord, Ca. My students, thanks to Deborah, will now have some subtle energy tools to help with all of the many issues that face children born into poverty, and sadly, often strife. I cannot 🎶 sing enough praise for High Chi, Deborah, and all of the people who work for the company. Blessings of Love, Light, and Gratitude to you all!

- Deborah B, California

I don't often write reviews, but this I want to share!

One of the most wonderful experiences in the last year was purchasing my High Chi jewelry.  I customized each piece for what I desire. It was SO much fun! I purchased two beautiful gold chains with sparkling gemstones and chi charms as well as a prayer mala - which has become an everyday must wear for protection and strength. From the moment I slipped the necklaces on I felt a beautiful vibrational lift and at the same time grounded. It's pure joy! I cannot wait to put my necklaces on every morning. And they are the very last thing I take off in the evening. My High Chi necklaces are more then pretty pieces that I adorn myself with, they take me on an amazing spiritual high.

- Crescent Moon Skin Care

Thank you so much for bringing in these loving prayer, healing and manifesting tools and making them available!

Aloha Deborah and everyone at HighChi,

I would like to share a bit of my stories about your jewelry. I will put a short version below that you may prefer to use :)

Someone I trust recommended I get your 1" HighChi pendant in silver, with a 9 carat Blue Topaz. So I spent some time looking over all your products online, and from just that alone I could feel the energies working on me. This inspired me to go ahead and buy the necklace, as well as a dozen Chi Cubes and some bracelets. I also added some energy upgrades to most of the jewelry. I added Life Force to the pendant, Love Magic to the blue topaz, Time Management to the chain, and Vitality to the connector. Some others to the bracelets as well.

The package arrived on the day of the Full Moon. The night before that, I had strained my back so badly I was stuck on the floor for awhile, and had a lot of difficulty and pain doing any kind of bending or getting up and down. I did a variety of natural self care methods to treat it, as well as inner child work, but was still quite strained and limited in my movement. I carefully enjoyed some time under the Full Moon that night, and then went inside to put the necklace on for the first time. I spent about 20 minutes playing with it and trying different configurations. It is so beautiful it's hard to stop looking at it! When I was done putting it on, suddenly I could sit and stand almost normally, 90% better! No pain, but I took it easy to not over do it. I consider this a miracle healing! It's been almost 2 weeks later, and the pain has not returned.

Over the last 2 months my ability to see energy has been improving. Now I can feel and see the powerful subtle energy of this necklace unusually clearly and strongly. When I first put it on, I saw just how different it is from everything else I've ever had and treasured. I realized everything in my life is going to have to "upgrade" to match its energy. And thus the changes start rolling in, including a commitment to move to a more supportive home in the next few months.

As for the Chi Cubes, I started using Sleep and Delta right away since I have so much trouble with sleep. I just held them in my hands. I have been using them most nights in my hands all night or sometimes next to my head, and my sleep is noticeably better. I fall asleep faster, wake up fewer times, and sleep for longer stretches. I need that very much since it is rare I get a full 5 hour sleep cycle. Also, I believe they are contributing to my continued improvements in my dreams and dream recall, which is a huge relief.

The other cubes I have just begun to use and experiment with, and don't have such clear evidence as of yet. I now have them all set up on my altar. Just doing that is a loving healing process in itself. I have two cubes for healing the planet that I have set on a photo of a painting of Earth surrounded by healing prayers. I placed 3 health cubes on a photo of myself when I was 2, when the health problems were beginning but had not yet overtaken me. It is a precious, healing thing to give love to your baby self. I have two other stacks set on slabs of seraphinite and larimar. I am experimenting with pulling hair from different places on my body to see if it adds anything. The first day I set up my Vision and Intuition cubes, I "happened" to naturally lose an eyelash with the follicle on it, so I used that!

The other fun thing about the purchase was that the various numbers of the total, the total after the sale discount, and other related numbers kept falling into interesting patterns of numbers. Money Magic is one of the cubes I bought. I take that as a good sign!

I just bought another 6 Chi Squares to help with my prayers for all, and for bringing in what I need and want for my new home, work and relationships.

Thank you so much for bringing in these loving prayer, healing and manifesting tools and making them available!

~ Blessed Be ~

A.V., Big Island Hawaii

I believe in them more than ever.

I've been wearing at least one HighChi protection upgrade 24/7 for past two years. Yesterday for one hour I didn't wear jewelry with at least one of: against danger, protection against physical danger, nor travel success. They were in my handbag. At a stop light during a heavy rainfall, yesterday l got rear-ended by a school bus. Fortunately, it was only a slight bump from a rubber bar that is attached to the front of the bus. No injuries nor damage. It could be a coincidence, but I've never had any mishaps before while wearing the HighChi protection upgrades. I believe in them more than ever."

H. Cheung, Canada

I love your work.

I wear my Highchi pendent everyday. I've notice that the benefits are accumulative!! The longer you wear it the better and more powerful the benefits. Thank you for making great strides to bring this  energy medicine to the public. I appreciate you and everything that you do. In my last move, I lost my platinum magachi pendent. My heart sometimes hurts for it. I've learned to accept that it was time for it to go. I do miss it deeply.


Thank you so much for creating beautiful jewelry

Hi Deborah, The last time I saw you it was at The Wanderlust Festival in Squaw Valley.  I finally got to pick the piece that really spoke to me and I am very pleased with the piece and Angelica was the one I spoke to on the phone. She was so helpful in all areas and all my questions have been answered.

The jewelry is absolutely stunning. I felt so different even more energy wearing it. I felt that Angelica has been a big help as well with my questions and concerns.

I am definitely  going to spread the word on how lovely these pieces are and I am definitely going to buy more in the future. Thank you so much for creating beautiful jewelry to wear not only as an accessory but living a more high vibrational  life. I love it!!

Lots of Love,
Mhairi S.

Love the new Videos!

I just wanted to drop a line and let you know how Wonderful I thought your videos are on YouTube! 

I loved that I could see the size reference to some of the chains.  There is one, the square/rectangular chain, that I will keep my eye on.  I love how substantial the weight is on your chains.  I loved seeing the 40" chi crystal necklace also.  I also look forward to the new design for the Mega Chi pendant!

Wow!  I think I'm an addict!  Thankfully, I don't need to see a counselor for this habit! ;-)


Highchi is a Godsend!

"I was having a very difficult time and spending tens of thousands dollars on attorney’s fees. As soon as I received the cubes everything started to change. The realness of the legal magic Chi Cubes is amazing!  I started to prevail in winning motions and things started to go more smoothly and my anxiety started to dissipate into a centered, confident focus." 


This is Awesome!

I have been waiting for this (Lakshmi Pendant with Energy upgrades and Free Chi Cube)! I am finally following my passion and sharing my gifts through my business. I feel the support this piece will give me. I work with Egyptian mystery school magic amongst other things myself. This is awesome. 


High Chi pieces are some of the most powerful and high-vibrating items

I had never heard of High Chi before the first time I went to the Wellness Festival in Sun Valley. The whole thing was a thrilling experience, with so many people and things to see.

I wanted to see what was at all the booths, but to be honest I wasn’t that interested in jewelry. My mom makes beautiful gemstone jewelry, and I already have more pieces that I can reasonably wear on a weekly basis.

But something about the pieces at the High Chi table made me pause. At first I thought it was just because they were so shiny (I’ve wondered if that is part of having Crow and Raven as a couple of my spirit animals – I am mesmerized by shiny objects.) But as I was looking at the stuff, I realized it was more than that.

Deborah and I started chatting, and she let me hold one of the gold necklaces. I think it had an amethyst on it, and it was a wonderful warm feeling. But I’m not a big fan of gold for some reason. I love silver, and so she picked up one of the silver necklaces – this one had the high chi pendant, the flower of life pendant, and a blue topaz crystal on it – and placed it in my left palm.

The effect it had was instantaneous. I could feel the energy moving into my left arm and then through my whole body, and I felt the effect of the blue topaz in my throat chakra. It was like it was just opening up like a lotus, and it was both a physical and spiritual sensation.

But what was even more interesting to me was that my “angel spot” fired up. Right in between my shoulder blades, I get a certain sensation when my angels are talking to me. It’s difficult to describe, but the closest I can come to it is to say that if you could have silver fire – something shivery cold but warm at the same time – that’s what it would feel like.

This sensation flared up, and it felt so good! I was being told that this was a powerful object, and something worth getting.

The most interesting part to me, even more than my own experience, was that my son reacted to it as well. Brom was only a couple months old at the time, and I was carrying him around the Wellness Festival in a Maya sling. He had either slept or played possum through the whole thing, hardly acknowledging anyone or anything.

When I held the necklace and felt all that power surge through me, he opened his eyes and squirmed suddenly, as though he has felt the power too. He looked up at me with a startled expression, and then smiled a little and relaxed, closing his eyes again. And I handled different pieces, he would squirm or open his eyes here and there.

After we left the High Chi table, he didn’t react to anything again until we left the festival. So I knew he had sensed the same surge of power that I had.

I handle a lot of crystals, talismans, and other objects that have spiritual and energetic meaning, and I can safely say that the High Chi pieces are some of the most powerful and high-vibrating items I’ve ever had the pleasure of coming into contact with.

-L.R. Idaho

Energy Testing is Essential!

It thrills me to hear that you and your team are taking High Chi™ Designer Energy to the next natural  level.  Congratulations on your wonderful journey!

I lived & worked in Kauai, HI, and San Luis Obispo, CA, for a 10-year period of time, first training in Intuitive Reiki and then blessedly working for Quantum-Touch, Inc., an energy-healing based program with instructors, practitioners and students located world-wide.  It was my pleasure to work and communicate directly with energy-healing instructors, practitioners, and students, not only in the US and Canada, but also Africa, Israel, India, South America, to name a few.

As you might imagine, this experience introduced me to quite a few 'energy-enhancing' products and 'specially-designed' pieces, both objects such as crystals and pieces of jewelry.  Nowhere in my experiences have I seen and experienced the dedicated level and genuine commitment to the purity of positive energy which is expressed through your product, your representatives and your research. 

I see the balance (the necessary foundational grounding which supports the highest accessible levels of pure consciousness) represented in all aspects of your business.  I applaud and celebrate that you teach and remind others 'you need to do the work.' As I researched your website, here is what resonated very deeply with me:

“Many believe that the stronger the energy the better. Not so.We have discovered that even the most beautiful healing energy, if not properly balanced with the other energies, can actually become " the bridge too far" as we call it, and turn the energy signature into Chaos, which is the opposite of healing, life force energy. Not only is the energy in the MegaChi Pendant™ of the highest vibration, it is beautifully balanced. Even when people have conflicting or oscillating energy caused by stress, by wearing the MegaChi Pendant™, it is designed to shift their energy to a higher harmonic energy signature.” 

So many of today's energy healers, energy practitioners, "light-workers," do not receive this very valuable piece of information in their training.  I imagine many turn from their purpose, their calling, because they do not or cannot comprehend why following their passion/purpose is resulting in chaos for them. 

- E.J

Flower of Life Ring

I purchased the flower of life ring and have been wearing it ever since. Sunday was the start of something so beautiful for me, all your words truly hit home. I've had this pull in my heart for months now after choosing to leave an addiction I had for years and this desire to love myself whole heartedly. I felt like when you spoke to me to you could see the pain in me and when you spoke of judgement and compassion my heart sank. I started this journey a little while back but with no real direction and Sunday really was the map that I needed. That was the first time I really understood mediation and for the first time I felt my body. I can't thank you enough for that. I am now so excited (not living in the fear that I couldn't shake) to keep pushing forward in my spiritual journey.Your practice and hard work is an inspiration.THANK U FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART <3 -A

Tyler Jones, Profession Architect/Designer




Why He bought his power Piece - "I knew there was something about it. It was an intuitive hit. I just knew."
Passions- Design Architecture, Yoga, Personal Growth
December 2014


I just want to send a comment about my experience with HighChi and MegaChi. I'm a Marriage and Family Therapist and I have been wearing them for years. My clients and people around me often comment that they feel a "calm and centered" energy from me.  There is a difference in how I feel when I wear them and when I don't.  Really a great tool for therapists and healers.  

S. Gilbert - MFT

When you reach a certain age it becomes more and more difficult to wear jewelry. The mechanics of the clasps make it almost impossible to wear. I guess one could hire a young stud to help but the cost would be out of the question. Buying High Chi or renting a stud?  Hands down High Chi. I am hooked (no pun intended) on High Chi. Why?  Magnets!! I can do it myself. I love my silk wrap, not only because it feels, looks, and protects me, but I feel young because I don't have to ask for help. Thank you, High Chi for making it easy for old broads to be hip.

Catherine Caya - Philadelphia, PA

My daughter just had a Baby and we were all so nervous as her first delivery took over 72 hours, and so it was a very difficult delivery. We’ve all been wearing our MegaChi Pendants, and have been doing our creative visualizations that she would have an easy and safe delivery. Her time came and that baby popped out in a few breaths! It was so easy she’s thinking of having another one! We all attributed the great delivery to HighChi!Thank you!

B. Lindsay - Grandmother, Utah

I just want to give you an update on what's been happening since my wife and I started wearing those beautiful and wonderful pendants you sent. It has been two weeks now since they arrived and we only take them off when showering. Pam (my wife), has been having the best sleep she's had in years and is feeling so much fresher and relaxed. As for myself? WOW! For years now, I've been unable to walk without having severe pain shooting down my leg, with every step. Two operations did absolutely nothing to alleviate this condition and in fact, may even have made it worse! Strong "pain killers" would only take the "edge" off a little.  

Although I believe in God and His power to heal, I've never believed that an object could be "empowered" with anything, never mind some sort of "healing energy". I have never believed in "suggestion" either and in fact had a bad experience many years ago, with a dentist who claimed to have the ability to perform fillings and extractions, just by using hypnotism. Almost as soon as he started drilling, he hit a nerve and I was up and out of that chair so fast, he never knew what hit him! Therefore it was with the same doubt I put on the pendant, but it is after all a beautiful piece and I only decided to wear it for that reason. However, for the past week I have been able to walk without that damn pain shooting down my leg! For me this would have been unbelievable had I heard of this happening to someone else, but to personally experience what to my wife and I is nothing short of a miracle, what more can I say, but "Thank you!" and "Praise God!". I am now reading your manuscript through a much "different" pair of eyes and Pam is now anxiously waiting for me to finish, so that she too can learn. Again dear friend, thank you from the bottom of my heart! God Bless,
Jim - CA, USA

I highly recommend the Gold plated MegaChi(tm) Pendant. Everyone should own at least one. When I first learned of the Pendant's creation I bought several for my own experimentations, for personal use, gifting to family and friends, and finally for testing the market. The feed-back is unparalleled. My cataract is gone! I personally don't know of anything else on the market available today that even comes close to working on so many levels, enhancing lives, and limited only by the mind of the wearer. I see auras, and if you see auras too- do your own testing on the Gold plated MegaChi(tm) Pendant as I did. You will see for yourself, and by wearing your Gold plated MegaChi(tm) Pendants 24/7 (all the time) as I do, you will see your own aura grow. This Pendant is incredible to say the very least!
Mary Ann Thomas - Master Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Author, Colorado

I find that on a continuous basis whenever I’m feeling frustrated, nervous or edgy, the MegaChi pendant alerts me to the fact that I’m losing my edge. It also helps me to very quickly come back into a state of composure. The MegaChi pendant is a great awareness tool! 
Ray De Bliasi - Vice President; Life Crystals, Canada

I just want to say how much I love my pendant. It truly is am amazing product. I’ve got so much more energy that I’ve stopped procrastinating and just seem to want to get things done now that I have been putting off. (In some cases for months) . I’ve also observed that my intuition is incredibly strengthened when I wear the pendant. It seems I know things before they happen. It’s very exciting.

Anthony Giamo - California, USA

I feel much more centered and have much higher vitality, which is very important to me. I’m also feeling less stressed, as I feel I can deal with everything I have to look after now, and things just seem to look after themselves. I’m finally in the flow. 
Helen Pederson – Book Keeper, USA

It’s just wonderful! It’s been 90 days since I’ve been wearing it and I cannot believe how much energy I have. People are stopping me saying how great I look. You can feel it tingle, it’s just so good. 
Randy Fontan - Contractor, CA

Now I’m wearing 2 pendants and it’s really amazing. I now go to such a high level of meditation that I’ve not been able to do in 30 years of meditating. It’s truly remarkable. 
John Randall – Public Works, CA

As you know I have been wearing your Mega Chi Pendants for over a year now and love the way I feel and the increased ability to get into "Zone" while trading the markets or doing my meditation. I gave my 83 year old grandmother a Mega Chi Pendant about 9 months ago to wear because like a lot of people her age has arthritis and was retaining a lot of fluid around her ankles. She told me about the pain she was experiencing, the fatigue and the unsightly swollen ankles, and how she hated to feel and look this way. When I told her about the Mega Chi Pendant she raised her eye brow and asked me if I was serious, looking at me like I had lost my marbles. I told her about my results and said, hey the worst that can happen is that you look stylish wearing your new jewelry.So she agreed to give it a try since nothing else was working and she didn't like all the medication the doctors were giving her.I saw at a family gathering about a month later and she looked and acted like a totally different person prior to wearing her Mega Chi Pendant. She had more color in her face and had that twinkle in her eyes that I was used to seeing. The swelling in her ankles also went way down.She was absolutely amazed at the results she got in such a short period of time and said she has never felt better in her life, she said that she was completely off the pain medication and had more energy than she has had in years.Deborah as you know my dad has recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer that spread to the bone and is very aggressive. When we first found out about it all of my family was at the hospital including my great looking grandmother...;-)lol My grandmother took the Mega Chi Pendant off her neck and asked me to give it to my dad. I told her it was a nice gesture, but she should keep hers on and I would buy my dad one. She insisted that I give my dad hers so I said ok and took it to give to my dad. My dad is from the old school and not real open to this kind of meta physical kind of stuff, so I held off giving it to him right then and there and would have to pick the perfect time to approach him with the pendant. My plan was to buy my grandmother another pendant as soon as possible, but you know how things are, you get busy and you just forget to do things. I got a call from my grandmother about a month later and she didn't sound so good. She told me that she was feeling horrible and was back on the pain medication. I felt a sense of urgency in her voice and I happen to have a High Chi Pendant that I was going to give to my daughter. I told her that I would be at her place first thing in the morning with another pendant. When I got to her place in the morning ad she came to the door to greet me and I was actually scared. Her skin color was grayish in color, her ankles were really swollen and she looked like she hadn't slept in a week. I gave her the pendant and told her I couldn't stay due to my work schedule that day, but I would call her soon. I saw my grandmother three weeks later at my mother's house last Sunday and she looked great again. She once again told me that her energy level was great and that the pain went away again and that she was not taking any pain medication. This story may sound to good to be true, but it's the whole truth and nothing but the truth. This is also the first time that I have ever written a testimonial letter about any product. As you know I'm a professional trader and teach people all around the world how to make money trading the markets. I would never endorse a product that I don't use myself or that is not superior in quality, as I have high standards of integrity that I will naturally uphold.

Deborah thanks for bring such amazing and superior products to the market with such love and understanding for the people that use them. Wishing you imperturbable Peace......
Michael Paul Kanuika - President; Profit Navigator, USA 

I love my MegaChi pendant and wear it all the time... Many people ask me about it when I wear it outside my clothes. The first night I was too energized to sleep so did not wear it to bed for a few days after that.... but now I do. I am having lots of dreams and wake up with warm feelings, sometimes loving energy flowing thru my bodie and chakras. I would sometimes get headaches if I worked at my computer too long but have not had any....I also am more positive and have noticed I am more calm even in stressful situations. 
Christine - Texas, USA

I recently purchased a necklace and Mega Chi Pendant at a show in Toronto. I have been wearing my necklace every day since I purchased it and I’m loving it. I have a dear friend who does energy and intuitive work and had her feel the necklace while I was wearing it, the energy she felt was amazing and she couldn't say enough. Sunday Oct 7th a dear friend had been suffering with a migraine and I insisted she wear my necklace to see if it may help. She felt so much better on Monday!!
Sue - Toronto, Canada

I have great HighChi feedback I want to share with you! All of my friends (including Linda*, Herbert, and Joyce) who bought HighChi at Yoga Rocks the Butte absolutely love their necklaces and are wearing them all of the time now. Linda says she has been feeling "really good!" since she has been wearing her Ganesh/Lemon Quartz, and I notice her fiddling with it subconsciously as I do with mine. I also feel like her confidence, as well as Joyce's, have boosted since wearing their necklaces- it's so awesome to observe this!

My sister celebrated her 40th birthday this past summer, so I got her a gold Kwan Yin chi charm with a 3-ct lemon quartz as a combo birthday/Christmas present. I chose this combination for her since she is a breast-feeding consultant at a hospital in Connecticut, and expressed that she gets frustrated with difficult clients at times. I got a text from her several weeks ago saying that she thinks the necklace has been helping her have more patience at work.
And I am thrilled with the necklace Nick got for me- I can't believe he bought me the HighChi pendant! I bought him a Buddha Cool from the studio a few days ago before he had to leave town for work in Nevada since he is going to be away for his birthday, and so he could be part of the HighChi world as well. He told me last night that he feels a tingle when he holds it between his left thumb and pointer finger, and he has been doing the 33-second technique to manifest coming back home from Nevada early. There is a slight chance now that he could come back a week early!
I also bought a Buddha Cool for my nephew's 14th birthday which is today. Have not heard his feelings on it yet, but I asked him to tell me any stories he has with it. The next HighChi pieces I buy as gifts will have to be for my parents so they can use it towards their desire to retire next year :) I found my charm that I lost (Ganesh/blue topaz) in a box of clothing that I was going to donate. I connected it to the bracelet I got at Yoga Rocks the Butte, and am wearing it at the moment. I've got quite an abundant HighChi collection now (4 charms, 4 gems, 1 ring, 1 bracelet, 1 chain, 2 cords, and 3 connectors) and made a pile of it on my desk the other day, telling the universe that I needed to manifest some more massage therapy work. It has been a very slow winter for tourism in Crested Butte, and I have not been able to advertise much since I am still working with my designer on my business logo/graphics which I wanted to have finished months ago. Within hours of making my HighChi pile, I booked 8 massages, and they keep coming (in fact, I have had to hand a handful over to other therapists since I am so busy this week), and I am getting happy repeat clients as well. I told myself I was going to take today off to give my body a break, but I ended up agreeing to do a couple hours today. Since my advertising has been minimal, I think my HighChi played a big role!

Thank you for creating an amazing product that has been such a positive influence for so many people! WOW!  
Karen K., Colorado (February 2012)

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