A student of Metaphysical Arts and Sciences since 1990, Stuart graduated the Master’s program at the Academy of Intuitive Medicine in Sausalito, CA under the tutelage of Dr. Francesca McCartney.
Her special interest in spirituality, metaphysics and reverse aging, inspired her to develop subtle energy technologies to aid people in achieving deeper states of meditation and higher states of consciousness, while realizing optimal personal performance. Deborah's mission is to energize clothing and jewelry with the goal of raising the wearer's resonance and vibration, thereby releasing stress and raising vitality.
A passionate pioneer of energy medicine, Stuart co-founded Oxygen Research Institute LLC in 1995 with researcher Norman McVea PhD. Located in Marin County, California, the pair designed a complete line of energy enhanced oxygen-fortified products, including Far Infrared anti-aging technologies and spa energy systems. Incorporating the research of Nikola Tesla, Raymond Royal Rife, Albert Abrams M.D. and Willhelm Reich M.D., they created Life Energy Amplifier Systems. Two cutting-edge environmental and personal meditation systems, Atlantis HighLife and VisionQuest, resulted from their unique research and developmental partnership.
Learning of the groundbreaking work of world-renowned Egyptologist, Dr. Ibrahim Karim, in Biogeometry, Deborah knew this would be the next step in her personal evolution. Dr. Karim's research demonstrated a means of protection from EMF's, transforming negative energies into positive ones, incorporating techniques the Ancient Egyptians believed to create "gateways to the Divine."
Using Biogeometry as a foundation, in 2003 she invited another brilliant researcher, micro-vibrational physicist John Civitan to join the team. Together embarked on a full-time journey of research and development, creating the most pristine, healing, and protective energy yet known to humankind.
In 2004, Deborah’s dream to make this energy available to all moved one step closer.  Stuart’s extensive background in fashion and design, (Ports International, and co-founder of the ChinaMax Boutique in Hong Kong in 1991), led to the creation of her first piece of quantum energy jewelry, the MegaChi Pendant. After many “energy upgrades” to the MegaChi Pendant, her dream became a reality. In 2007, HighChi, LLC was born.
"We took several years to energize the crystals as I really wanted to know that the energy was impeccable. More and more, I see the importance of maintaining a high resonance, believing this is how we move to ever more beautiful realities. Conversely, when our resonance is low we drop down into less wonderful realities."- Deborah Stuart, Founder

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