"The Divine is here to give us everything we want. In return we are here to Shine! We are here to learn how to consciously create success on every level, and to learn how to have fun. What could be better than that?"

Deborah Stuart, Metaphysician, CEO, HighChi Energy

Metaphysics works. Imagine how much fun it would be to be able to create whatever you want simply by visualizing it, feeling the deep gratitude of having it, and then it manifests! Well you can and will by practicing these simple and powerful techniques.

How to activate and use your HighChi Energy Jewelry as an energy tool:

Quick Start: One our great human gifts is our ability to feel. All emotions if expressed are positive. Any time you are feeling anxiety, fear, anger, etc., simply hold your pendant or Energy Jewel with your left hand and feel the emotion. Now flick it out with your right hand like you are flicking water off your fingers. When you do this, we’ve been able to show through the Heart Math TM Technology that your heart rate goes coherent, you are in a no stress zone, and are connected to Source Energy. Once you have taken your power back from these constricting emotions, simply by feeling them, ask for what you want in its place.

A great way to ask is to do the 33 Second Manifestation Technique below.

“33 Second Manifestation Technique”

See and feel yourself having what you want with all the joy, love and gratitude, and hold that for exactly 33 seconds. (I have my timer set to 33 seconds on my phone.) Then let it go and release it to the Universe knowing it is already done. Essentially you have connected with your future self who is already in this reality. Your future creates your present and using the Law of Attraction, you cannot help but draw that future to you. The road to being there is the road to getting there, so continue to feel yourself already having what you want throughout the day. It feels wonderful! 

Your power is in your emotions and all emotions if expressed are positive. Even love, if not expressed, becomes negative. Self-respect means feeling and expressing your emotions. Expressing your emotions is not about acting them out with others, but rather going inwards and feeling them deeply.

1. Hold your pendant in your left hand and make a flicking motion with the right, like you’re flicking water off your fingers

2. Start with The Imprisoning Constrictive Emotions

3. Move down each set of emotions and feel each emotion intensely. For

Example: Blame yourself or blame someone else. Once you’ve felt the blame then you can move to feeling your hurt, and then your fear possibly, which leads you to the transitional emotions. Start feeling your anger. Very important. Allow yourself to go into the rage. If you can’t feel it, then remember a time that made you very angry. Once you’ve felt the rage then move to pessimism, this will never work, etc. Then to overwhelm, frustration confusion and then to boredom. Then you can get into the next tier and feel optimistic, then hope, and trust that you have come this far, and you will have emotional intelligence, as that is one our human gifts. Then to compassion for the world and for yourself, up to the love and finally Wonder.

4. Flick each emotion out with your right hand

5. Do not skip more than one level of emotions in any step. For example, if you’re feeling lonely, and you’ve allowed yourself to really feel the loneliness then you can move to blame, which is so much fun! Remember to “feel and flick” the whole way.


1) Hopelessness, Despair

2) Loneliness & Worthlessness. Feeling Hollow

3) Revenge, Violence

4) Blame- This Never Works. Might as well blame self

5) Jealousy, Envy That Plots Destruction of Your Enemy

6) Hurt, Betrayal, Abandonment, Rejection, Humiliation

7) Fear, Anxiety, Angst - Leads to Dread



8) Anger, Fury, Resentment

9) Pessimism

10) Guilt, Sadness

11) Pity, Crisis, Overwhelm

12) Worry, Doubt

13) Frustration, Confusion (Can be springboard to new GROWTH)

14) Boredom, Impatience



15) Well being, Content, Satisfaction

16) Optimism

17) Thrill, Eagerness, Enthusiasm

18) Hope, Trust

19) Passion, Compassion

20) Happiness, Wonder

21) Gratitude - Knowing it’s already done!

22) Love

23) Joy

24) Wonder

To get good at anything you need to practice, and feeling your emotions is the most important practice we can do. The only thing we take with us lifetime after lifetime are our emotions. If you don’t release them now, you will continue to create the same uncomfortable situations in your life until you do feel them and subsequently release them. By wearing your HighChi Jewelry, it will make you more aware of what you are feeling and help you feel and release emotions with more ease and elegance. 

More on creating Emotional Intelligence with your HighChi Energy Jewelry:

Whenever you find yourself in your negative ego chatter, the most important thing you can do is allow yourself to feel your emotions, release them, and start thinking about the things of which you are grateful. Gratitude is a generating energy, and the more we feel it the more we have to be grateful for.

Ask yourself; what am I feeling. It’s not important to know right away. Just take a deep breath and start flicking. Most often it’s anger, fear, guilt, shame or blame, one of my personal favorites, and as you feel it will release.

The Divine flows through us as we feel our emotions.

The only thing that is real here are our Emotions. Our emotions are the only thing we take with us life time after lifetime. If you don’t feel and release your emotions now, you will continue to create uncomfortable situations, drama, pain etc., until you feel them and let them go.

You will feel your emotions eventually, perhaps even another lifetime, so why not clear them this lifetime and receive the gift that life is?

Our emotions are the channel through which the divine expresses through us. Each of us has our own unique flow of the divine, each of us is an expression of the Divine. As we experience the upper tier of emotions we are able to create more and more beautiful experiences, things and people in our lives. That is why is so important to feel our emotions, and constantly reach for higher and higher thoughts, and we will draw to us truly a heaven on earth.

Practice: When you are upset about something they most important thing you can do is get yourself back into present time and feeling connected. A great way to do that is to start writing out your experience. Just write as fast as you can without punctuation or syntax, and just pour out your thoughts and feelings. You can blame, you can swear, you can rage, and as you do you will eventually release your emotions. It usually takes anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes, but this is time well spent. Then, gradually start reaching for higher and higher thoughts and soon you will find yourself feeling better and back in present time again.

Another technique is just to get down on your knees and tone with a loud ahhhh, and just release the emotions. You can also do this in your car when you’re stopped at a traffic light. This is so freeing. After awhile it will release and you’re back in present time, connected to Source Energy, feeling vitalized, and grateful for your beautiful life!

Congratulations you’ve taken your power back from your emotions, and now you can use that power to create what you do want!

Ask for what you want.

When you are wearing HighChi Energy Jewelry you are vibrating very highly to the Higher Harmonic of Gold, Realm of the Angels, and it’s the same energy we create when we pray, so when you ask for what you want you can receive more easily. You can also do the 33 second technique.


Every thought has an emotion attached to it. Choose the thoughts that feel good, because what we focus on becomes matter. Thoughts matter. Focused intention with love is the most powerful force in the Universe, so focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.

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