Energy Licensing

For the past 19 years we have had full time research and development to create the most transformative and healing energy available. We believe energy medicine is the future. Over the last 19 years we have developed a proprietary technology where we can energize anything: cars, apparel, even cosmetics.  

We are now licensing our energy formulations to consumer product companies and manufacturers. HighChi licensing and sub-licensing agreements along with co-branding opportunities are also available. If you believe you product line would benefit from HighChi Energy, contact us at to discuss creating a energy program for your specific needs. Wholesale and distributor opportunities are also welcome.

HighChi LLC Copyright: HighChi Energy cannot be replicated or copied. If you did not buy our product line from HighChi, LLC or a licensed distributor, it will not have HighChi energy.  

HighChi - The Leader in Designer Energy and the Haute Couture of Subtle Energy Science. We continue to achieve important developments and breakthroughs in our technology. Our mission is to create the most healing and transformative energies, and to make them available to as many as possible. We now have in total over 250 Designer Energies in our energy library. HighChi is the Haute Couture of Subtle Energy Science!  We have over 50 different measuring devices in our research facility. We use 8 just to balance the energy, 6 of which were found in the great pyramid. What we have discovered in our research is that even the most seemingly beautiful energy if not properly balanced turns the energy signal into oscillation. In 1972 Wayne Cook, one of the great pioneers in our field was at Stanford University, and he was able to prove that oscillation is worse for the body than radiation.  Almost all man made energies are oscillating because companies do not know yet how to test and balance. It is the wild west out there in Energized jewelry and other energized products and there are only a handful of companies such as BioGeometry, Slim Spurling of Light-Life Technology, Safe Space, The Chi Machine, and HighChi who have done the  many decades of research, development and testing. 

1) The 12 Higher Harmonics: They not only energize the recipient but also protect from negative EMF's and other negative energies. The 12 higher harmonics are the foundation of our collection.

2) The 3 Higher Harmonics: 

- Higher Harmonic of Gold. 

- Horizontal Negative Green.

- Higher Harmonic of Ultraviolet. 

 When these energies  are on your systems these energies create a power spot in your space. 

3)  ThetaGold is wonderfully relaxing for sleep and indeed deep states of meditation, and is ever so slightly addictive. Very blissful, and one loses body sensation. Images are very deep and clear.  ThetaGold  is a wonderful energy field for reprogramming the subconscious. 

4) Our Latest Energy Field is called "CleanHigh", as it detoxes the subtle energy body , and is relaxing enough that you can sleep quite beautifully with it. Whatever is not of the light is released from the body. Blended with the Higher Harmonic of Gold, it is known to be excellent for strengthening the immune system and anti aging.

5)  AlphaGold is just a delightful energy , much lighter than Theta, but still very blissful. Again excellent for meditative states, and many experience flashes of insight, and colors.

6) Our last energy is for manifestation, and it is an excellent energy for working on creating what you want. Wonderful for the VisionQuest  Personal Meditation System as you can use it to amplify your intention many times.  For more information please go to: HTTP://WWW.OXYBLISS.COM/OXYBLISS/ATLANTIS.HTML