Crossroads Bracelet

$ 348.00

Celtic and Byzantine Crosses
3 Carat Pink Amethyst
Fine Sailor Bracelet

Intuition, Empowered Choice and Inner Peace

Feel the sublime sense of safety and security when you know you are making wise, well thought out choices. This exquisite Power Piece includes Pink Amethyst, which can assist in feeling safe, secure, and grounded. It can also empower one to be strong with compulsive behaviours and addictions; including mental, emotional and physical. Paired with the Crossroads collection, this Power Piece can help the wearer to pause, and choose wisely, being true to oneself and ones aspirations. Amethyst can help to calm and stabilize the mind, opening intuitive and psychic abilities. Make an empowered choice and live the life you were born to live. 

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