OxyBliss Energized Oxygenated Supplements

Hello, this is Angelica Christi. I am the person behind the scenes at HighChi, the one blessed to speak with the truly lovely people that call in to us every day. Many clients have shared their OxyBliss stories with me. I'd like to share two of their stories with you, as well as speak of my own personal experience with this wonderful product.

OxyBliss has been a "life-saver" for me.

I have a very sensitive digestive system. If I eat one wrong thing, (pasta, bread, raw foods, sugar, etc.) my stomach goes from flat, to looking like I am three to four months pregnant! I feel awful, even if I've been taking lots of expensive digestive enzymes.

When Deborah Stuart gave me a bottle of OxyBliss to try, it was as if I'd been handed a reprieve. Eating correctly can be very hard, especially when dining out or traveling. With OxyBliss, that's no longer a problem.

Recently, one of our clients ordered three bottles. Last week, she called to say, "You must be doing an incredible business with this product, it is fantastic! I have been taking this for over three years, and I won't go without it. Not only do I feel wonderful, but my doctor said my oxygen levels are great! I am in my 70's and that made me think about your product and how it must be helping so many."

Another called in to say, "I didn't even know what 'regular' was! Three to five days would go by and I could feel how it was not only effecting my body, but mind. Thank goodness for OxyBliss!"

I agree. OxyBliss is a great product! But not enough people that need it, know about it. So, I've decided to do something about that.

Unfortunately, in this age of GMO's, chemical additives, high starch, sugar overload, and stress, our bodies are having a tough time! Good elimination is essential to good health. OxyBliss is here to support you.