More Fun with the Divine Priestess Cube - (from one of our wonderful customers!)

Recently I was lying on my bed relaxing while watching a video about spiritual entrepreneurs on my phone. I had my headphones on and was holding the Divine Priestess cube in my left hand.

It was giving off the gentle hum that it normally does for me, and I was enjoying the little pulses of energy going up my arm and into my body. After a few minutes of focusing on the video, I felt the energy start settling in my forehead, right in the area of my third-eye chakra.

This was a nice feeling, as though someone was massaging my head from the inside. I relaxed into this feeling for a few minutes and just drifted, enjoying it.

After a few more minutes I noticed a tension in my chest.  It wasn’t unpleasant, just a kind of energetic pressure that would have been easy to miss if I hadn’t been feeling for it. I took the cube and put in on my chest to see what that would do, and the tension was slowly replaced by the gentle humming and pulsing of the cube.

What was really interesting was that after my chest was filled with this positive energy, it seemed like my throat chakra started opening up as well.

I was wearing my High Chi necklace with the blue topaz crystal, so what I think happened was that the Divine Priestess cube was realigning and clearing up my third eye and heart chakras, which then allowed the necklace to do the same for my throat chakra.

The energy from the Priestess cube is very gentle, and I would venture to call it “feminine.” That doesn’t take away from how powerful it is – but it definitely works to balance your divine feminine energy, I think. When I close my eyes and focus on it, there is a gold light associated with it, and I always think of Archangels Gabriel and Jophiel.

I am perpetually amazed by the powerful combination that is created with the cubes and High Chi jewelry.

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