5D Sound CDs are generated from a very advanced, one of a kind, subtle energy computer. Designed in Germany to analyze and develop energy remedies or vibratory medicines, it holds in memory, the energy field of any substance. On a quantum or vibratory level, the energetic blueprint is more active than the "solid" substance. When the vitality of the energetic blueprint is fed back upon itself (energy amplified) (potentized) - the vitality level and effectiveness of the substance soars!


These new High Chi energy fields work mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically to cancel out environmental “noise” that stress and strain the nervous system. When stress is released emotionally it produces higher emotional intelligence and emotional stability. When stress is released mentally it produces a quiet mind and increased intuition. When stress is released on the physical level, it produces high vitality, increased energy and joy! Coherent sound calms and soothes the listener into meditative like states, both active and passive! This full frequency, white and pink noise sound envelope is the most effective carrier of our energy remedy formulations. Researchers experience a deeper, more vibrant “high” then they had previously known before, with an accompanying vacation like feeling!


Why take a substance for pain release, stress reduction or recreational purposes when you can energy graft the energy field of that substance through CD quality sound, into your energy field in just minutes? The substance loses all toxicity, possible side effects, legal implications and lasts virtually forever. It may seem subtler at first, but you can easily learn to control the window of efficiency and opportunity. We finally have a volume and intensity control and an off/on switch for altered state experiences, in of your own stereo system!


When sacred substance signatures are combined with gemstones, vitamins, herbs, essential oils, chi etc. they work synergistically to produce a sustained predictable blissful state which you can turn up or down as desired.

Experiencing 5D Sound becomes a process of deep clearing over a long interactive listening period. Now altered states do not have to be just escapes or reality lapses that can culminate in immune system suppression. They can transform from sometimes dysfunctional or disturbing episodes into an improved cognitive functioning, with definite smart pill like energetic boosts. 5D Sound can transform unwanted behaviors and habits, into greater ability and higher levels of functionality on the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels. The opportunity here is to open doors to higher states of consciousness. Past-altered state practices can now blissfully transform into healing journeys into the dimension of energetic wholeness, experiencing the freedom of multidimensional well-being.

How Does It Work?
These coherent energy fields in the form of snap shots or energy signatures can be stored in computer files much like music, graphics or written copy. They can be stored digitally or electro magnetically in analog form. This special Life Energy Amplifier can then energy clear and amplify the energy signature, millions and millions of times. Thus enhancing the signature and its vital life energy properties; greatly expanding its vibration and subsequent harmonizing properties and effectiveness.

This German technology lends itself to the development of unique energy remedy formulations. Once ingredients are mega amplified and formulated, they release psycho physical armoring often times much more dramatically than the actual physical substances! The power of combining the energy of an herb, let us say Ginseng, with an emerald, a diamond, sage essential oil, a Bach flower remedy, etherium gold energy, a noble gas, phi ray energy, a high chi field, the color red at 630 nanometers and far infrared can resonate even the most stubborn stressful patterning!

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