Power Pieces - Leadership

Power is the Ability to Act. When combined with Love and Will, you enter into a whole new realm of joy and success! These Power Pieces are designed to help you "Speak your Truth" most of all to yourself, so you can ask for what you want. Ask and you will receive, it's the law of the Universe.

Speaking your truth engenders self-esteem as well as self-confidence. It is only when you know what you truly desire that you can act from a place of True Power, Love and Will.

We are here to create anything we want, just because we want it, because life is a gift and ours is to learn to receive it...


HighChi Power Pieces are not just Jewelry but energy tools for consciously creating success. HighChi Energy will uplift, protect and ground you, but it will not brush your teeth for you. You need to do the work!