Chi Cube Diffuser

Energize your Space with HighChi Energy!

Our new Energy Diffuser is designed to work with our Chi Cubes. It fills your whole room with your chosen energy, and so you are resonating more fully at what you want to create, and attract to you what you most desire.

We are showing Grounding, because we love the focus it provides, and the body loves being grounded. Great for business, writing, or anytime you need to get things done. I also am using Money Magic right now because it’s great for making money. 

With the Diffuser, you need 3 of the same Chi Cube, as they use 3 at a time. We do not recommend mixing them, as you will not get the same clarity of intention, which is important when energizing your space.

You can Choose Delta for Deep Sleep for your Bedroom, Harmony for your office or family room, etc. Healing is a beautiful energy to fill your home with, and Fun in Learning is great for Students.

Introductory Price with 3 Chi Cubes and Diffuser:  $199, Regularly $240

With a set of 6 cubes and Diffuser is $299, Regularly $390

Diffuser is $90.

Please type in your energy choice in the memo section.

Choose Your Energy, Change Your Life.

Dimensions 4 1/2" base height is 3 1/2"

How to use your HighChi Energy Diffuser

Click to print directions

Important: Make sure the turntable is moving in a clockwise position at all times. To turn it in the other direction simply hold down the turntable and release it, and it will change directions.

Note: The diffusers are also solar powered so if you use only solar rather than the battery provided it will turn more slowly than with the battery which is also fine. You may need to use the battery if you are using a HighChi Crystal on the turntable because the weight will demand more energy to turn it. To turn the unit off remove the battery.

We recommend keeping the diffuser on at all times as it will create the resonance in your environment of whatever energy you have chosen. ie: if you choose the energy of money magic, your environment will resonate at Money Magic. The law of resonance is that when two resonant frequencies come together one lifts, the other lowers, so they meet somewhere in the middle. So you will come into resonance with Money Magic and attract that to you. Similarly with Grounding, Healing, Power and Success, etc. 

What we resonate at is what we create.

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