Chi Cube Diffuser

$ 90.00

Energize your Space with the Chi Cube Diffuser and fill your whole room with a  chosen energy, allowing you to resonate more fully at what you want to create.

Introductory price: Diffuser with 3 Chi Cubes:  $199 (regularly $240)

Diffuser with a set of 6 Chi Cubes: $299 (regularly $390)

Diffuser: $90

Please type in your energy choice in the memo section.

Dimensions: 4 1/2" (base) x 3 1/2" (height)

How to use your HighChi Energy Diffuser

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Important: Make sure the turntable is moving in a clockwise position at all times. To turn it in the other direction simply hold down the turntable and release and it will change directions.

Note: The diffusers are both battery and solar powered. If you use only solar rather than the battery provided, it will turn at a slower paste. You may need to use the battery if you are adding a crystal on the turntable due to the extra weight, it will demand more energy to turn. To shut OFF the unit, simply remove the battery.

We recommend keeping the diffuser on at all times as it will create the resonance in your environment of whatever energy you have chosen. ie: if you choose the energy of money magic, your environment will be filled by more of that vibrational resonance. The law of resonance promoted that when two resonant frequencies come together one lifts and the other lowers, so they meet somewhere in the middle. So you will come into resonance with Money Magic and naturally attract it into your life. Similarly with Grounding, Healing, Power and Success, etc. What we resonate at is what we create.

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